Introducing Pastor Sammy and Jo Ann Jamison

More Information About Pastor Sammy: 

My wife and I have been married for 48 years and love serving the Lord Jesus Christ and His people. We have served here at Canby Foursquare Church for 24 years. 

I am passionate about mentoring emerging leaders, and helping parents in their God-given calling of raising their children. My heart also goes out to people in crisis through hospital visitation, funerals, Grief Share, and pastoral counseling.

Easy access to:

Pastor Sammy’s sermon: “Who Did Jesus Claim to Be?” and “Why Should We Care?”

I am making these Bible resources available from my last 20 years as an instructor at Canby Bible College.

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Note: If you have stumbled upon this page and you are in search of

how to find Jesus as your personal Savior,

consider this site where a Sunday School teacher explains:

 “The Gospel in Ten Simple Points.” 

For a more thorough (adult level) explanation, please see:

     “How to Know You are Going to Heaven.”